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since 1963​

This is a little story about Vito & Gulia when they left Italy!


Vito left when he was 17, he went to Switzerland, Germany, Bermuda, Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, Atlantic City, and worked at the first resort at a casino and 10 years later he landed in Avalon at Via Mare!  At all these places Vito worked as a chef, Vito and Gulia met in Italy in 1973 and got married in 1976.


Gulia was 20 years old, and stayed in Italy for 3 months after the wedding and then moved to the United States all by herself, without knowing any English.  She landed in New York City, sat in the airport for 15 minutes not knowing anyone, so she started to ask for help and found an Italian man who tells her to "go back, go back.... What are you doing here?"


Gulia told him "do you wanna help me? Yes or No? I married this man, and I have to go and find him."  And he said, "I will help  you go to the bus and then show somebody your paper and explained that she had to find the man she married.  The girl said, "come with me, don't worry about it."


An we took a plane to Georgia, and she called Vito over the intercom. First thing she asked was "Do you speak English. Come here I'm with your wife who. Who is waiting for you.:  I gave that girl my telephone number, but never saw her again.  She was an angel for helping me.  This is my story to come to the USA.  Love everyone!

It all began one ....
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